Misguided Chaos Of Life
Misguided Chaos Of Life
"Welcome to the world of fiction.
Where the true you will be locked away.
In its place.
You will get plastic"


Who else remembers when Harry just assumed Oliver Wood was a stick McGonagall was going to beat him with.

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The only people who ever get anyplace interesting are the people who get lost. Henry David Thoreau (via explore-everywhere)

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If a 16 year old would want to adopt a child no one would give it to her because she isn’t 21 yet or not an adult or maybe too irresponsible.

So if a 16 year old is so irresponsible and not an adult yet so she wouldn’t even be allowed to adopt a child, then why would the government force her to get that child even though she might not want it?

Let’s talk about how logical the bill against abortion is now


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